10 Best Electric Dirt Bikes for Kids in 2017

1.  Moto Tec Electric Dirt Bike

Age group: at least 12 years old

Maximum speed: 16 miles per hour

Of all the electric bikes we have on our list, we must admit that the Dirt Bike Moto Tec 24V 500W electric bike is the closest to the appearance of a real motocross. It has an excellent style that has a very high ground clearance allowing children to maneuver even difficult terrain. The handlebar is wider than most of our off-road bikes in this list and its front and rear tires are superbly knotted. On the handlebars is the acceleration mechanism that moves easily in 3 very variable speed settings. Speed settings can be locked so your child is never in danger of overspeed and loss of control. For beginners, we recommend setting 5 miles per hour. Once your child gets used to the operation and handling of Moto Tec, you can now adjust the speed limit to 10 miles per hour. If you think your child is already a master, a pro on the Moto Tec, you can now adjust the speed settings to its maximum at 16 miles per hour. Best Razor Dirt Bike

This is for the child who already has a higher than average level of confidence in his or her age group, but not quite the aptitude of an older child. For this reason, the three-speed variable is the ideal design to increase your child's confidence over time. Skill and learning ability are a process, and with this dirt bike, it does not have to be boring! As your child adapts to terrain and speed variables, it is guaranteed that this course will be as fluid as possible with its high clearance for more rocky landscapes. Not forgetting its classic design of tire with crampons for traction!


High ground clearance
3-speed variable adjustment
Classic tire with crampons
Handlebar acceleration
High speed accelerator mechanism

The inconvenients

Only three variable speeds
Unspecified engine design

What we like about it

The 3 Lockable Speed Settings of the Moto Tec are what we found very important. This is also echoed by parents who have already bought the dirt bike. At least your child will be able to master Moto Tec in a progressive manner.

2. MX500 Motocross Dirt Rocket

Age group: At least 14 years old

Maximum speed: 15 miles per hour

If you believe that the MX350 is too weak for your child and that the MX650 is just too much, then perhaps a Razor bike that lies between these two models will suit your child. The MX500 Dirt Rocket is Razor's answer to your needs. But what makes it different from the other two, ask yourself? Well, the MX350 is 13 years old while the MX650 is 16 years old. The MX500 is at least 14 years old. The speed is also in the middle at 15 miles per hour compared to the MX350 at 12 mph and the MX650 at 17 mph.

Aside from these differences, you essentially get the same front and rear tires of 16 and 14 inches, respectively. There is a double suspension, a high torque electric motor and a high torque motor powered by a lead acid system, UL certified rechargeable batteries. It has the same type of handlebar riser easily adjustable and comfortable.

Although this bike is the median of our age ranges for our other models, it is far from being an intermediate bike or a compromise! The difference of 2-3 mph would hardly be noticeable for your child. They would just be too busy having fun with it on the road! As a parent, we know that your job is to evaluate and take into account all factors related to safety and skill level - so here's our answer to any concern! Do not worry, because an update will arrive soon!


Double suspension
High torque motor
Knobby Classic Tire Design
Easily adjustable handlebar
UL certified rechargeable batteries

The inconvenients

Non-variable speed settings
Security equipment not included

What we like about it

What is the problem with the MX500? However, we are a little confused about Razor's classification for its products. We think it would have been better to create a unique design with fully adjustable speed settings because technically it's the only thing that separates the MX500 from the MX350 and the MX650. If the minimum age difference between the MX350 and the MX500 is 1 year or the difference of 2 years between the MX500 and the MX650, it seems better to have the MX650.

6. Junior E-Bike by Jetson.  Best Razor Dirt Bike


Maximum speed: 12 miles per hour

Need a truly unique and beautiful dirt bike for your young child? Then get the Junior E-Bike. The design is actually inspired by a Harley-Davidson chopper with its Gorilla handlebar, although it is designed for children. It's really great to visit the streets of your neighborhood or even the alleys in the park. But considering that it has wide and wide tires, the Junior E-Bike is also an excellent dirt bike. The Junior is available in 4 different colors - camouflage for the brave, flames for the adventurer, pink camouflage for the brave girl and hearts for the romantic. It charges quickly at about 4 hours maximum. That's enough for your child to reach 10 miles before he or she needs to recharge. There is no contact key. Your child will simply turn on the switch and he or she will already be on the Junior.

As a parent, are you a Harley driver? Or just a fan of this bike brand? If so, this is the best early introduction to your child. It has a low clearance and wide, fat, tire tires from a roadster or road bike. Great traction! But unlike a Harley, this bike can go almost anywhere! Its variety of colors makes it a perfect gift for your child of both sexes; cheap and profitable.


Push button switch
Authentic handlebar design
4 part color scheme
Long life of the battery

The inconvenients

Non variable speed
Unspecified engine design

What we like about it

The unique style of the Junior is what we really liked. We only wanted the seat to be a little lower to simulate the iconic Harley-Davidson helicopters. Nevertheless, it is a really fantastic dirt bike that you can give your child this Christmas. And it's a lot cheaper than most off-road bikes on our list.

7. EM-1000 E-Motorcycle

Age range: At least 8 years

Maximum speed: 10 miles per hour
If you're looking for an all-terrain bike that's functional, stylish and inexpensive, powered by a very quiet motor for your 8-year-old, why not take a closer look at the EM-1000 electric bike? This blue or pink electric dirt bike is powered by a 100-watt, very quiet motor powered by a chain powered by a rechargeable battery system that holds 24 volts of power. This is enough for your child to enjoy the EM-1000 for about 40 minutes. The EM-1000 is made of premium steel for its fabulous dirt bike frame. Its studded front tire is designed to resist punctures, while its rear tires are fully pneumatic for a more comfortable ride. It also features a twist-grip throttle system that is removed from professional Instant Response Motocross systems.


The most beautiful ride for a child of 8 or 9 years! This bike goes at the right speed with the perfect balance, alternating between the front and rear suspension of a rear tire system and the design of studded tires in the front. It's just as durable with a high-quality design, but does not get too out of control with the 100-watt electric chain motor. This is the dream bike designed as an intro for a future high adventure life on the road!


High quality steel construction
100 watt motor design
Pneumatic rear tires
Knobby Front Tires
Twist accelerator system

The inconvenients

Lack of double suspension
Anti-lock braking system
Best Razor Dirt Bikes